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Would you like some Local Information with that?

It’s Tuesday night at HI-Redwood and all is well. The fog has arrived for her summer sojourn on the North Coast, as the inland heat pulls the hovering moisture inward from the sea, giving those famed redwoods a little sip.

Today Ryan and I had a look at the latest batch of Comment Cards with a bit of grin and a bit of thick skin. The grin, because people said they love spending the night in a historic home overlooking the rollicking waves. The thick skin, because we asked for honesty and we got it. Seems hostellers need more Local Information. You know, the trails, the tides, the drives, the drive-thru trees.

At first, l felt a pang of defensiveness. “But … but!” I whined, typing up my mental checklist of every nugget of Local Information we’ve already tacked up to the walls and stacked in neat little piles.


But most of those invaluable trail maps, guides, restaurant reviews and brochures were inside the office, and every time we locked the office door behind us, we were locking up the information people need access to at all times, not just when we’re behind the desk.

So, this afternoon we moved the Local Information into the common area, near the place where folks leave their shoes for the night. Now you can plot tomorrow’s hike at midnight, if you like.

Thanks to the hostellers who took a few minutes out of their travels to tell us what they needed. We’re listening.


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