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From a backpack…

In addition to my day job here at the hostel, I do a bit of travel writing. My latest story can be found in "Italy from a Backpack," an anthology published this month by Pearson Venture Group as part of their “From a Backpack” series. My story, “The Way of Love,” details my adventures finding romance while visiting Italy’s Cinque Terre region.

Here’s a quote from series editor Mark Pearson: “We get the thrill of living vicariously through someone else’s travels—enjoying fond memories if we have traveled, and getting inspired if we haven’t—and we also learn, through the hindsight these travelers provide, wisdom about what to do and what not to do when we actually get there. The books serve as a tantalizing foretaste of what awaits us, and as an escape from our daily lives; a refreshing break from the ordinary.”

The book has a lot of fun stories, and you can find it where fine books are sold, online at, or if you’re visiting Redwood Hostel, just ask me if you can peruse my copy.


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Cautipeshaun Rides Off

She’s galloped away from us, but she’ll be back. The summer has gone, and so have the support staff. First Mark up and left us for Seattle, and now Cautipeshaun is back in Klamath, her hometown a few miles south. Cautip will return this January to hostel-sit while we (Kaci, Ryan and Rory) do a little traveling.

To Cautip: thanks for your kindness, subtle sense of humor, and for sharing your Yurok stories and artwork with us. To Wood-asu: listen to your mama! And come play a game of chess with us sometime.

Love, K

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Belated Halloween Blessings

Thanks to Kelp-o-Lantern carver and photographer, Wendell Wood!

Local biologist Wendell Wood taught a coastal ecology class through the Siskiyou Field Institute last summer. Wendell and his group of budding naturalists stayed two nights at the hostel, and he kindly invited other hostellers to sit in on his slide-show lectures each evening.

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