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The Wise Woman & The Midwife

Welcome our new staff, Tara & Barbara


Maiden turned midwife,

An ayurvedic cook

Settling into the nook of Klamath Glenn–

Wrapped in a shawl,

Patterns meeting patterns

She holds a gaze when the mood strikes

Concern for a world spinning down. 

Let her play her hand, to knead, with her fine-lined palms,

Her storytelling fingertips, and words, all the shapes

Of things to come.


Wizened crone, she carries

Belly laughter

Steam cleaners

Non-chlorine bleach spritzed from the bottle.

She, carrier of compassion of history of sharp wit

Of chemical compounds spoken from her tongue’s tip,

Has carried four children, has carried herself,

Has carried her story far.


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Go ahead…sleep in

So Redwood Hostel has finally caught up to most of the hotels and motels in the area in terms of when you can leave.  Yup, used to be 10am you had to be out the door, checking out the area.  And of course that meant getting up a bit before then.

Well, no more.  Now you can relax because we’ve pushed check-out back to 11am.  We’d still appreciate if you could try to be  out of your room by then–so we can get started on a long day of cleaning (it takes time to make the hostel so neat and tidy). But you can amble down to the kitchen for a big cup of coffee and then take a full extra hour to wake up to the world outside.

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