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He’s a travelin’ man…

Taking a break from his book tour, world traveler Ron Miller visited Redwood Hostel today.  His book, Escape from the Happy Cannibal: A Journey of The Soul, details his perceptions regarding culture, gleaned from his experiences meeting people in more than 60 countries.

We had a great chat about the value of  travel and its impact on the individual, as well our ability (or lack thereof) to shed our own cultural conditioning.

If you’re interested in reading some of his stories, you can visit his website,, or you can pay a visit to our bookshelf the next time you’re in the vicinity of Redwood Hostel.  Just look for this fellow (below).
By the way, if you like his cover photo, you can find hundreds (if not thousands) of more great travel photos on his website.

Also, rest assured that the fellow on the cover is not the cannibal in question.  The title comes from a question Ron asked himself as he traveled:

If I had been born into a society of cannibals, would I question that society’s behaviors and values, or would I simply be a happy cannibal?

For the answer to this and many other questions, check out the book or catch Ron on tour.

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The Tall Ships are here

Yes, the ships arrived yesterday and will remain in town through May 6 for Crescent City’s first ever Tall Masted Ships Celebration.

The six day celebration features harbor walking tours, a Celtic music concert Friday at 7pm, a car show Saturday, and a harbor fair running both Saturday and Sunday, and numerous musical and theater performances (including The Pirates of Penzance).  But the main feature is the two ships, the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftai, with ship tours, a sunset cruise on Friday, a sunset battle sail on Saturday, and an adventure cruise on Sunday.



If you’ve seen “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, you’ve already seen the Lady Washington.   But if you want to see the ship in person, get down (or up) to Crescent City harbor this weekend.

(By the way, when I took this picture, I didn’t take note which of the two ships this was–if you’re curious, drop us a note and we’ll let you know)

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