You’ll like it here–but don’t take our word for it

Periodically we get questions about our quality, our cleanliness, our customer service, etc.  And sure we think we’re clean,   But the ratings of other hostellers would probably matter more than what a hostel says about itself.  That’s why we’re proud that Lonely Planet listed us as one of the top five hostels in the U.S. and Canada (in "US and Canada on a Shoestring").  Sure, it’s the most recent edition, but it was written a few years ago.  For a much more recent assessment of the good ol’ Redwood Hostel, you can turn to, a website where you can book your bed at thousands of HI hostels around the world. 

If you book a bed through the site, you can rate your satisfaction with the hostel after your stay.  They recently released the Top Ten lists for these satisfaction ratings. They divide the hostels into small, medium, and large, so there are actually 3 top ten lists.  And we are proud to report that for the months of June-July-August 2007, we made the top five for the medium-volume hostels.   Not only that, but our good friends at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel came in number one in the category! Keep in mind that this is not just a list of U.S. or North Amercican hostels, but an international list.

Here’s the top 5:


Hostel (Country)


1 HI – Montara, Point Montara Lighthouse (USA) 92%
2 Hardanger (Norway) 92%
3 Cancale – Mont St Michel (France) 92%
4 Osaka – Shin-Osaka YH (Japan) 92%
5 HI – Redwood National Park (Klamath) (USA) 92%


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