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What We’re Thankful For: Books and the Basket Bike

Thanks to the giving of hostellers, we have a bounty of beautiful books and a basket bike! Loretta Fisher and her husband traveled through here in October (while honeymooning!) and a few weeks later a small package of books arrived in the mail: The Fifth Business (Robertson Davies), The Buddha in the Jungle (Kamala Tiyavanich), The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong (Jahyun Kim Haboush), Cane (Jean Toomer) & The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (Anne Fadiman). These books, she wrote, had each changed her life in some way.

And then. 

Two weeks later another package arrived from Ms. Fisher: The Business of Fancydancing (Sherman Alexie). Wow!


Then, this morning one of our hostellers decided not to continue his bike ride south, preferring instead the wandering possibilities of hitchhiking, bus-riding, and perhaps just walking on down the road. So he donated his bike (which served him many hundreds of miles, he says), along with a cute milk-crate basket and a few neon vests. Good luck, Steve! And thank you!

Thanks for the beloved books and bike, Loretta and Steve, but more than this, thanks for giving a little of yourselves to the future hostellers of Redwood Hostel.

As tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day (a polite protest of the post-Thanksgiving Day gorging on new things), perhaps it can also be Give Something Day. I’ll see what’s around here that we can give away, perhaps to, or maybe to our newly dedicated "Free Box," filled with stuff left unclaimed in Lost & Found, and stuff hostellers decide they don’t need anymore.

Or we can add more books to another new service, the "Book Swapping Club." We started off the club with 60 titles, which Ry bought on the cheap from the annual San Francisco Public Library book sale, and now it’s up to y’all to swap with each other. You can’t buy the "Book Swapping Club" books, you can’t just take the "Book Swapping Club" books, but you can certainly swap your old book for a "Book Swapping Club" book! Please inscribe your name on the inside cover, along with something else about you, or your life (hometown, destination, age, etc.).

So, don’t shop…swap!

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New Winter Hours

Tonight begins our new winter schedule.  We’re open every night of the week from March 1 to October 31 each year.  But come November, December, January, and February, things slow down quite a bit.  You might think more people would stop in during this time, to enjoy the warmth of our pellet stove when it gets cold and wet out.  But that just isn’t the case.  So we simply can’t afford to operate at full schedule. 

This year we are only open on Friday and Saturday nights during these months, and on other nights to groups of 10 or more with advance notice. We make exceptions for holidays, so we will also be open for Wednesday through Sunday nights during the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 21-25) and every day from Dec 21 to Dec 31.  We’ll also be open Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), which is a Thursday this year and the Sunday before President’s Day (Feb 17).

You might think we skipped Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Yes, we will be open then as well, but a group has already booked the entire hostel.  So if you’re not that group, it pretty much means we’re closed that night too.  In fact, this coming weekend (Nov 9-10), we are also completely booked for Friday and Saturday nights, meaning the next night we will be open for walk-in guests is Friday, November 16.  So even though things are rather slow during this time of year, you really should give us a call before you make the trek out here.  We might just be closed.  Or fully booked.

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