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Nate Wombold, Your Photos At Last

Nate Wombold, and his camera, came through in Autumn. He promptly emailed 4 stills to the hostel and I guaranteed they’d be posted by the end of 2007, oh, what a kidder I am! Surely, they would be posted within the week. Surely.
Here. At last. They are. Ta. Da!

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Our Rural Redwood Planet Isn’t So Lonely Anymore

If the people who make guidebooks were in a Beatles cover band together, I think Fodor’s would play Paul, Rough Guides would be John, Ringo would be Moon Travel Guides…and sweet, dear George Harrison would be played by Lonely Planet.

Gentle. Deep. Standing on the outside looking in, then stepping inside just to look out. Someone the dreamers can relate to.

So when my boss Barbara, the Golden Gate Council’s ED, met someone from Lonely Planet some months ago and talked ’em into donating books to our hostels throughout Northern California, well, I was happy. George was moving in.

Lonely Planet gave more than we’d hoped for, enough to fill a shelf and then some. Guides to New York City and Rio de Janiero, Mexico and Nicaragua and East Timor and Southern Africa and Germany and a Japanese phrasebook and an oversized book about Cities and a guide to travelling Green and a book called "Micronations" that I haven’t quite figured out yet, and then some.

Up here, when we’re sitting by the winter fire or on the deck for a summertime sunset, these books will be with us, to help us remember that out there we’ve so many lively and lovely cousins to meet, so many places to travel all across this world, no, across the universe.

Thank you Lonely Planet. Thanks George.

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