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Earth Hour

     It’s 8:45 and the hostel is absent of light from the grid. (Except for those pesky hall lights that won’t turn off-but that have made us more conscious about fixing them!) Most everyone staying here tonight is huddled around the Monopoly board and a small set of candles; the darkness bringing them together. I can hear laughter from the other room and it’s refreshing to my ears to hear people of all ages sharing a good time.

*(I found out later that the game of Monopoly ended, with no winners, but a discussion about permaculture and sustainability.)

     This is the hour of the Earth, for the Earth. A reminder that we don’t need electricity to have a good time. This is a global movement that started last year in Sydney, Australia and has expanded to include over 200 cities around the world. We earthlings are making a statement: We are saying that we care about this Earth who nurtures our souls, feeds our bodies, and shows us her mysterious ways. She has gifted us all that she can, and we revere her for this.

    As I am sitting in the office, working by candlelight, I get a call from Lesley, who is in Chicago, and just participated in Earth Hour as well. I am overjoyed to be connecting with someone who is thousands of miles away and is expressing the same message as I am. It gives me hope that we can all come together, for the love of each other and for the love of the Earth and put a serious holt on climate change.


   …Watch yourself from day to day. Is global warming a part of your consciousness as you are leaving a fully lit up house for a few hours? Are there any appliances that you can unplug after using them? It may not seem like a lot, but every bit of energy you save is drastically helping Mama Earth in her recovery. Let her enter your mind, your heart, your spirit…Join the cause, we can really use your help!


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Welcome Emily & Andrew!

The young couple from the East

watched the new sea– 

Stalks of plantain in their palms,

Sand entering toenails,

They were curious.

They were here.


Tendrils of roots

will surely sprout

from their feet, from the balls of their feet

and the spaces between sand still sleeping beneath nails

(nails rough with cuticles,

like flagposts signaling the sky?) 


But a warning to roots: you must grow long,

Long enough,

Long enough to follow the young couple–

The young couple from the East

When the tides turn their direction again,

When the next Equinox descends

When they will be gone. 

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We’re Almost Done Hiring…

The applicant pool is closed, the interviews done, the deliberations mostly complete, and the news of our new seasonal staff is almost yet here.


To be continued… 

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