The #1 hostel in the world…

Last September, we detailed our excitement at being named one of the top 10 HI hostels in the world (see You’ll like it here–but don’t take our word for it).  Back then we were listed as #5 for medium-volume hostels (they split them into small, medium, and large, so there were really 3 top 10 lists).  Well, the rankings are out again, but this time there is only one list–they didn’t split ’em into small, medium, and large.  Of course, this would make it hard to rise in the rankings.  But your votes are in, and the number one rated hostel in the world is….(drumroll please)…

Our very own Redwood National Park Hostel.

Pretty exciting news given there are more than 4000 HI hostels in the world.  Granted, not all of them have received ratings by customers of  In fact, many of them are not bookable online, and so would not be able to receive ratings at all.  But of those who did receive at least 50 ratings over the past 12 months, we are proud to say that including us, 4 of the top 10 are part of our Northern California group of hostels, the Golden Gate Council.  So congratulations to our fellow hostels!

Here’s the list.

Top 10 rated hostels by customers  


Hostel (Country)


 1= HI – Redwood National Park Klamath (USA) 93%
 1= Osaka – Shin-Osaka YH (Japan) 93%
3 HI – Buffalo Niagara (USA) 92%

Cancale – Mont St Michel (France)

5 HI – Portland, Northwest (USA) 90%
 6= Osar (Iceland) 89%
 6= HI – Montara, Point Montara Lighthouse (USA) 89%
 6= HI – Baltimore (USA) 89%

Köln – Deutz City Hostel (Germany)


Grindelwald (Switzerland)

 6= HI – San Diego, Point Loma (USA) 89%
 6= STF Malmö City (Sweden) 89%
 6= HI – Sacramento (USA) 89%
 6= HI – Pescadero (Pigeon Point Lighthouse) (USA) 89%



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