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If you love hostellers, set them free…

Just about every day we get to meet new people.  And just about every day, we have to say good-bye to others.  Sometimes hostellers return, but it seems more often that we never hear from them again.  But sometimes we do.

A week or two back, one of our recent hostellers emailed us to share the photos she took during her stay a few months earlier. In her note, she wrote, “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay with you in June.  My first hostelling experience couldn’t have been better!”  We liked the photos so much that we asked her if we could share them with others, and she very kindly said yes.  Thanks, Danielle!

So here is a glimpse of just one person’s experience in Redwood National Park–from the ocean and the trees to–yup–Redwood Hostel.

Danielle Grigor’s Redwood Hostel photos


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