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This one’s for the locals…

All you backpackers from Britain, motorcyclists from Malaysia, families from France, and tourists from Toledo can tune out for the next few paragraphs. This one’s for the locals:

Other places may offer a customer appreciation day or week, but not here. No, we are offering an entire season of local appreciation. Yes, in honor of all those people we run into about town who say “The hostel? I’ve driven past it for 30 years but I’ve never been inside—how’s that work anyway?” (which is pretty much everyone around here) we offer the following:

Residents of Del Norte, Humboldt and Curry counties who stay one night will get another FREE.

Yes, between the Autumn Equinox (today!) and the Winter solstice (December 21), you can stay one night in the charming turn-of-the-century pioneer homestead just down the road from Crescent City, or just a hop up the highway from Arcata (right across the street from that beach parking lot at Wilson Creek you know so well). You’ll find spectacular ocean views, warm hospitality, a deluxe self-serve kitchen, and a spacious living room.  Even if you don’t want to stay, feel free to stop in and find out what we’re about. 

Just think–you don’t even have to leave the confines of your county to experience one of the top 5 hostels in the US and Canada (according to Lonely Planet in “US & Canada on a Shoestring”), and the hostel ranked #1 in the world by online bookers.

Don’t just buy local. Stay local.

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An Ideal Cup

We love coffee here at the Redwood Hostel. We love coffee lovers too!

As coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world, we want to ensure the folks who pick our coffee beans are properly thanked for their long days among the heat and coffee shrubs.

That’s the whole shabang behind Fair Trade.

We also want to know our coffee beans aren’t wormed with pesticides. Your liver and my kidney would agree on that one!

Enter the word ‘Organic.’

And then, to make things more complicated in our idealist quest to “do good”, we wanted to keep it local, as much as possible. Well… coffee doesn’t grow here. But coffee roasters do!

There’s plenty of good local roasters but we especially like Kinetic Koffee from Arcata. It’s organic, it’s fair trade, and they donate 10% of all proceeds to bicycling and outdoor organizations. Plus, they’ll let us design our own bag for the hostel. Whoo-hoo!

So there it is folks. We have a new coffee supplier.

You can drink up all of our coffee in the kitchen, anytime day or night, and it’s free. (Though we gently nudge with a Donations Jar and/or Chore Cards). If you like it lots, we sell 12 ounce bags for $8.00 That’s quite a steal for organic, fair trade, locally roasted and deliciously good stuff.

Drink on, hostellers. Drink on.

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