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Ryan searched the attic,

He plucked through the shed,

Scoured the cupboards,


Looked under the bed.

Tippy-toed to the top shelf of the

many-shelved closet,

But the closest he came was a box full of sockets.

When it was socks he wanted!

Little socks for the tree,

To hang alongside the Polaroids

of hostellers at Thanksgiving.

These ornaments,

and those ornaments, they were all lost,

Were they in a box?

On a shelf?

Could they possibly have been

Stolen by an elf?

Nay, in these parts of the world the only non-human thieves




Bears and racoons scurrying through leaves.

Speaking of scurrying, that’s what Ryan did

When he looked

and he looked and then started worrying


In the office, in the back, in the most unlabeled of Plastic Storage Units

Sat every single one of the hostel’s Christmas ornaments.

Ryan delighted to open the box and pull them out,

While Rory and Mommy did a little shout out

To Daddy for finding the things

that Americans are supposed to dangle on trees,

or hang by the chimney with lovingly care,

The stockings and stuffers and ornaments, were all there.




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