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O’ Glorious Sun!

We’ve endured weeks upon weeks of whatever the weather’s been tossing our way. Drizzling days, the overcast haze, wind rushed up our skirts without so much as an apology for getting in the way (Have we told you the hostel sits inside a little cove known for attracting fog the way mattress pads attract stray hairs? Sorry, hostel humor!)…So the thought of pushing up a window to allow the early summer heat inside, well, that was a far-fetched thought at best, a painful joke at worst.

But we can’t believe our eyes today.

The sun is out! And it’s the glorious, gently breezing sunshiny day that doesn’t whallop you with a dose of gusty afternoon wind. For now. If you’re travelling this way soon, we can’t guarantee how long El Sol’s performance will continue to let a little sunshine in, yet, for now, we’re grateful for what we’ve got.

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