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Welcome to the Redwood Hostel, Kailen Reil!

We welcome with love the birth of Kailen Reil on September 26.

He was born at our home, a.k.a. the Redwood Hostel, upstairs in the staff kitchen. It was late afternoon when active labor really took hold and, being a warm day, the window facing the hostel’s entrance was open. Arriving hostellers were greeted with inexplicable screaming–but all was soon explained by my dad and our eldest son Rory, who passed the laboring time in the Common Room putting together puzzles and telling everyone that mommy was having a baby.

Kailen, Rory and Ryan & I stayed upstairs within the warm cozy of our staff apartment for a few days, happily sequestered, and I didn’t get the chance to introduce him to the hostellers who’d been partially privy to one of the most intimate, dearest moments of our life. Thank you, Redwood Hostellers of Saturday September 26th! We felt your warmth from below.

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