Our Little Hostel By the Sea Closes

After nearly 23 years welcoming travelers from across the globe, the Redwood Hostel bid farewell to its final hosteller on the morning of January 18th.

And so we say goodbye…and thanks for the memories.

Kaci, Ryan, Rory & Kailen on the hostel’s final night, January 17th. Rory’s art is a drawing of the hostel and reads, “I love you hostel!” Thanks to longtime Redwood Hosteller, Giovanni Amadeo, for taking this photo.

But we’re not quite done. As the hostel’s final managers, we can’t say goodbye, not just yet. We are going to maintain this blog for the time being, to catch up on posting photos and video from recent times…and, as well, to continue blogging our thoughts until what needs to be said, has been said. The to-do list, thus far, includes: posting photos from our Closure Celebration, a video clip of the Goodbye Ceremony (hosted by Rory) on our final morning, other photos taken by Giovanni Amadeo on his last visit here, a backlog of photos taken over the years that couldn’t be posted from the hostel’s dial-up Internet connection, thoughts on packing up/tearing down/transitions, other thoughts, and, lastly, news of any reopening possibilities.

Our blog is currently hosted by Squarespace, yet we may transition to a free blog service and, if so, will let y’all know. [update: we’re now at redwoodhostel.wordpress.com.]

This post began with a photo of the hostel’s final managers, Kaci and Ryan (who met at a hostel, fell in love and married). Let’s sign off with a photo of the hostel’s first managers, Joe and Christina (who also met at the hostel, fell in love and married!):

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