Hi again!  This is the blog formerly known as “What’s Happening Near HI-Redwood Hostel.” For 23 years, the Golden Gate Council of Hostelling International operated the Redwood Hostel as a concessionaire of Redwood National and State Parks. Thousands of hostellers spent their days hiking between ancient trees, and spent their nights gathered around the pellet wood stove or perched on the back deck, watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. The hostel was loved and lived in by numerous staff over the years, including Kaci and Ryan who maintained the blog from 2006 until the hostel’s close in 2010.  The blog was dormant for two years but in March 2012, we decided to share all 81 posts again, in memory of the 70,000+ people who spent a night or two (or more) in the little hostel at the intersection of Wilson Creek and the Pacific Ocean.

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